The State of Developers

Ways to Dodge Burnout Survey

Software is eating the world.

Our communities, customers, and clients are struggling big time.

Startups hustle to disrupt the status quo. Small businesses compete for resources while big brands battle to be relevant.

Yes, developers are in high demand. But are we next on the menu?

Perks of the job

The tech industry gives plenty of perks. We get projects with short deadlines, fickle support, vague goals & demands.

This stress drives developers to depression, fatigue, chronic illness, or insomnia. If we're not careful, these perks will cost us.

Your time & energy are finite resources.

The State of Developers is a survey that explores how burnout delays growth. The report uncovers red flags that block your progress.

Make healthy decisions

Insanity is when we repeat the same mistakes but expect favorable results. Our goal is to survey how people, workloads, & projects trigger burnout. Then share tips & best practices on managing work & life.

The State of Devs helps developers make healthy decisions.

We are stronger together than we are alone

State of Devs helps programmers, software engineers, indie hackers, & tech founders.

According to Walter Payton, "we are stronger together than we are alone." Isolation doesn't help you. Let's open up about our daily struggles. Share any tools, tips, and strategies that help you recover from burnout.

As a community, let's make your wellness a priority. We can be ambitious & healthy.

Join the Conversation

The State of Developers is a campaign led by me, Helen. I'm a Midwest developer and founder of Jovial.

Throughout my career, I struggled with burnout and depression. The healing process began once I shifted my mindset. With every obstacle, I will conquer setbacks to create opportunities.

State of Devs is my way of helping our community thrive. Share your story and tips #StateOfDevs

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